Below is listed the contents of our Cells CD
These pieces form three single cells with different doors, a cell block of four cells together and a staircase that the guards can use to get to the top of the cells and pour all kinds of stuff on the prisoners using the slop holes.
Standard length walls come in two varieties, the normal wall has wood on the top surface so you can walk there and the other has a black top to signify that it connects to the celing.
When creating your dungeon you may want shorter walls, these walls are the same as the standard walls except they are about 2 inches shorter.
Extra large walls and extra small walls are also on the CD, the large one is 4 inches longer than a standard wall and the small walls are short so that your characters can see over them. The third is a crumbling wall endcap.
This wall piece forms a corner, this is helpful in creating a labarynth of caverns in your dungeon.
Well, most people cant walk through walls so here is a door that the rest of us can use. When assembled the door can be removed and replaced to symbolize opening and closing of the door.
These wavy waterways are perfect for an underground sewer system, boat transport system or maybe a swimming pool. These pieces are available in three formats 1 inch grided, 1.5 inch gridded, or no grid.
This torchlit bridge is perfect for crossing that gnasty flowing sewage or bubbling brook.
This piece forms a guard tower suitable for a dungeon. From the top you can rain down damage from above your enemies.
This is standard dungeon flooring. This piece is available in three formats 1 inch grided, 1.5 inch gridded, or no grid.
This Spiral Staircase is a wonderful way to give your characters a way out of your dungeon.
Why play in a dungeon with no furnature; this table, bench ladder and crate set will accesorize your dungeon and add to the realism.
Ahh yes the torture racks, a dungeon just isn't a dungeon without the torture equiptment.
Under Attack - This brilliant template set creates another level of play in the dungeon. Imagine trenches in your dungeon, your characters can hide and navigate through sublevel tunnels and avoid the combat. But beware if the enemy runs on top of the floorboards he will be able to shoot at you.
This marker set is used to mark your characters position when they are using the Under Attack terrain. Simply replace your character with the marker and place your character on the placemarker card where your removed the marker from.
The Sacrifitial Altar is a great addition to any dungeon.
Traps and potions markers are good ways to reward or penalize your dungeon visitors. This marker page comes with a rules sheet giving examples of the rules for the potions and traps.
Example rules are available for you to adapt to your favorite games and there is a hints page that will aid in assembly and dungeon layout.
Suprise, this is a bonus piece. This portal is from our next CD titled "Taking it Outside". When placed on a battlefield it can be used to transport your troops to another portal on the battlefield.

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