About us:

It all started a year or so ago, in a small comic store. I was in there to buy funny books, but on that particular day the owner was conducting a demo for a new and upcoming role play game. It had looked interesting enough, but for terrain they had used part of a stump, a rock, and a coffee mug. After a few minutes, the store owner had successfully taught me how to play, and I was hooked!

I bought some of the miniatures and I was a happy guy. I couldn't wait to get home and show my girlfriend and teach her how to play. One thing bothered me though, the terrain. Weeks later, I was sitting in my cubicle on a break, and I drew the front of a cell. That night I went home and drew the whole cell so that if it were cut out, you could assemble it to be a three dimensional cell block (kinda like my desk at work). Then it hit me, could something like this be used in table top gaming? I called a good friend of mine, Chris, who I knew was a genius and gaming super freak. If it was out there, he played it. I didn't tell him anything about it except to come and meet me at my house because I had some gaming stuff to show him. I showed him what I had designed (what you would know as Cells 1 and Cells 2) and asked him if it would work. He was amazed and thought that it would be the ultimate opportunity.

So from that point on, we decided to meet on a weekly basis and fold and design different structures. That was fun. We designed and painted for more than a year, after that we started putting the structures on the web in a PDF format for people to download for free. As you could imagine, soon we would have too much material to put on the web. We needed to collect the dungeon theme pieces. I knew the perfect photographer/graphic designer, he and I had worked together on FREE LUNCH COMICS in the past and he had done great work. Before we'd knew it, Steve had designed a much better logo than mine, a sharp package, a line of convention posters and has started concepts for future based terrain for an upcoming CD.

So there you have it, pretty much the history of Dungeon Downloads in a few paragraphs. Chris and I just want to give you the ability to play on cheap terrain that looks nice and won't put a huge hole in your pocket. So have fun, and we'll see you around and on the world wide web.

-Matt Ryan